Signature Projects

American Forest Foundation (AFF)

The AFF underwent a process to transition a significant education program sponsored by AFF to another organization as a result of strategic assessment of the Foundation. David served as advisor to the President and board leaders during this process, interviewing board members and senior staff as part of the process of assessing several proposals from outside groups interested in assuming responsibility for the education program. David was involved in the detailed financial review as well. In the end, he presented to the board the results of the research, his assessment and recommendations for the selected party. The new sponsor was selected and the program was successfully transferred.


Take Heart Association Project (THAP) USA and Kenya

After the sudden death of THAP's founder, the Kenyan and American organizations of THAP undertook the vital and emergency work of determining how to restructure the relationship between the two groups. David was engaged to facilitate the board retreat where this work was undertaken, and to help develop a plan for how to move forward. THAP facilitates and coordinates medical support programs for marginalized children affected by heart disease. David is well known for his work in mergers, and this project involved the very opposite -- separating the workings of two organizations as a sort of "reverse merger" or divestiture.


Catholic Charities of Washington, DC

David served as advisor to the CEO, senior management and board during the creation of a comprehensive succession planning process for senior leadership for this multi-jurisdiction charitable organization with nearly 1,000 employees and thousands of volunteers. David's work included interviewing board and senior management teams, preparing a comprehensive summary report and recommendations, and facilitating a board planning retreat. David also worked with the board on a strategic planning initiative.


interPLAY Orchestra

The interPLAY Orchestra is a 25-year old nonprofit music organization of 67 adult musicians with and without cognitive and other disabilities: amateur musicians and professional musicians, high school seniors and university musicians as “Bandaides” (mentors), all performing together for the community in year-round concerts at the world-class Music Center at Strathmore. In 2017, David interviewed teh board and senior management in preparation for strengthening the organization through strategic planning and a governance retreat.


The American Chemical Society (ACS)

During the restructuring of the entire Membership and Society Services Division at what is the world's largest scientific society -- with more than 158,000 members across more than 140 countries -- David served as advisor to the division's executive vice president. This engagement ultimately expanded to include the opportunity to assist staff through an assessment of the existing culture and the creation of a more dynamic, cross-functional and collaborative environment. David acted as coach/advisor to several senior managers throughout the change process, and facilitated senior management meetings as part of the ongoing culture change effort. David continued to serve the ACS by leading the strategic planning process for the meetings and expositions committee.


The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN)

David continues a 10-year engagement as advisor to the Chief Operating Officer and senior management. He has assisted NCSBN through several re-organizations as scope and models for examinations have grown and changed. In his role as advisor and coach, David has also facilitated staff retreats to help the organization deal with change.


New Jersey Business and Industry Association (NJBIA)

For organizations like NJBIA, there are often many ways David can provide priceless counsel. During this ongoing engagement, David has advised the board and senior management through the process of separating BIA from the New Jersey Manufacturer's Insurance Company after a 105-year partnership. The work has encompassed strategic assessment of all aspects of operations and programs at BIA, and David has facilitated several senior management planning retreats to this end. David has advised the president and CEO on issues related to re-structuring of the senior management team to align for the formation of the new association, and has helped create a new COO position. David has reviewed and proposed revisions to existing bylaws and policies to reflect the new structure, and has drafted a plan for the creation of a new governing board -- including term lengths, the staggering of terms and overall board make-up. He continues to coach the senior management team through the transition.