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A Range of Advisory Services Includes Helping Organizations Leave Lasting Legacies

For nearly a year, I have been honored to serve as the advisor for the closure and sale process for Twinbrook Baptist Church in Maryland, an organization that is being touted as "a powerful advocate for a wide range of marginalized groups" and with which collaborating was a pleasure. I was so thrilled to see that the decisions they made -- including the decision to...
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Have You Considered Working with an Executive Advisor or Coach?

If you’re like most successful leaders, you regularly seek advice from your peers or colleagues in an effort to assess the quality of your own plans or ideas. You get the perspectives of trusted associates about the issues you’re facing, and you’ve come to appreciate that your best decisions are often made even better by incorporating the insights of others who have walked in your...
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“CEO Update” Talks Mergers with David Kushner

CEO Update has long been a go-to resource for association and nonprofit executives who seek data, insights and community. I'm honored to have been interviewed for William Ehart's outstanding piece in CEO Update, entitled "Urge to Merge: Lots of Reasons, Few Incentives for Associations to Combine." The article includes a thoughtful discussion of the many ways in which associations can boost their...
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