Governance Advice

Governing boards have the responsibility for setting the vision, mission and strategic direction for the organization they have been asked to lead. Accepting this responsibility requires each member to dedicate time to the work of the board, gain a thorough understanding of appropriate roles, and be prepared and willing to reach consensus or agreement on a wide range of issues, some of which may be quite difficult. Board members come to the governing table with diverse backgrounds and experiences and want to do what is best for the group; however, they also face the challenge of not working together on a daily or weekly basis so building trust and understanding of the various positions members take is sometimes not easily accomplished.

David Kushner has extensive experience assisting CEOs and governing board members with being as effective as possible in their leadership roles by facilitating the resolution of sensitive internal issues, improving outcomes based on sound board orientation programs and thoughtful deliberation of matters that come before the group.  David specializes in working with all types of organizational governing boards, including philanthropic groups, and has worked on every type of governance issue that boards may face.

Here are examples of the areas where David can assist your organization:

  • Reviewing vision and mission statements as part of strategic planning
  • Consultation and assistance with governance restructuring
  • Review and amendment of bylaws
  • Facilitation of board orientation programs, including information on all aspects of board and committee roles and responsibilities

Learn more about David's perspectives on Board governance by reading the blog post entitled "Case Study: Board Seeks to Complete Stalled Governance Change Process."

"Thank you so much for providing an informative in-service on real-life challenges and solutions for governance. I very much enjoyed the case studies. You have given me many tools to use as I continue to develop and grow with the association and in my work."
- University Research Administrator