There’s no question that today’s organizations face a challenging growth and financial environment. As a result, governing boards and executives may explore mergers as an option for their organization. During his career, David Kushner has had deep experience with the intricacies of mergers and can help clients avoid hidden pitfalls in the process.

We encourage prospective clients to seek experienced professional advice prior to opening any level of communication with potential merger partners. We have the experience to provide clients with clear examples of what steps to take, when and by whom, during the initial stages of the process. We are known for the high level of confidential advice and services we provide, as well as our ability to assess the political environment throughout the discussions. In fact, David has served as a high-level confidential advisor to CEOs and board chairs/boards on both sides of a merger, with separate non-disclosure agreements and contracts.

We have worked with organizations to:

  • Ascertain whether a merger is a realistic option for the organization
  • Determine the potential ultimate outcomes from a merger
  • Assess all aspects of various potential partners
  • Establish the operational needs and efficiencies sought by the parties
  • Frame the overall landscape, internally and externally, regarding a merger
  • Plan for sensitive internal human resource issues resulting from both the preliminary consideration of a merger or from the decision to proceed
  • Establish timelines for multi-pronged activities relating to merger cycles
  • Lay the groundwork of leadership succession at all management levels

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