Organizational Assessment & Restructuring

The need for organizational restructuring, whether planned or as the result of unexpected events, is always a possibility in today’s rapidly changing business environment. In such a situation, personalized, confidential, experience-based advice and counsel for CEOs and other senior leaders has more value than ever, yet sources of such guidance are not easily found—and time is usually of the essence when this need arises.

The Kushner Companies is a premier source for cultural assessments, expert advice, guidance and services relating to restructuring, turnarounds, or other concerns. Gaining prompt advice and guidance based on years of hands-on experience can make a significant difference in the early stages of problem recognition and planning. David's experience, gained through numerous turnaround and restructuring projects, will help your organization achieve its goals, save time and money, and reduce overall stress factors that accompany change.

Through a series of individual interviews conducted by a trained interviewer, problems and possible solutions are explored with staff members. This type of engagement enhances staff morale, provides intangible benefits to them and delivers positive results to the organization.