Strategic Planning

When it’s time to plan for new programs, build or enhance strategic partner relationships, launch a new business unit, or undertake other critical activities, will the CEO and the board have the time to guide the development of the strategic plan along with everything else they oversee each day? If not, seeking outside help is a smart move.With years of experience in helping organizations undertake this process, David Kushner can guide your organization through the development of a strategic direction and plan via a systematic, collaborative process that is engaging and deliberative while ensuring the efficient use of everyone’s time and organizational resources.

Steps involved in the strategic planning process include:

  • Establishing parameters for the process
  • Conducting internal and external environmental scanning
  • Formulating a vision and mission
  • Reviewing strengths, opportunities, aspirations and results
  • Identifying critical issues and framing strategies to respond to critical issues
  • Drafting goals, objectives, timelines, responsible parties and appropriate evaluative measures.

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