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David Kushner is a recognized and trusted advisor to CEOs and C-suite leaders, in good times and during crises. Benefit from his experienced, practical, authentic approach to guiding founders and executives through high-stakes decisions and pivotal moments.


The right strategic direction often starts with the ideal governance structure. David Kushner works with corporate, educational, nonprofit, and association leadership teams to assemble, restructure, train, and inspire governing boards for strategic deliberations and outstanding organizational results.


Known by clients as “the organizational risk assessor,” David Kushner assists with asset acquisitions, mergers, governance restructures, organizational crisis or disruption, strategic deliberation, leadership meetings and retreats, mediation and conflict resolution, and more.

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High-Stakes Projects Completed
Satisfied Clients

A Sampling  of David’s Work

The consulting engagements taken on by David Kushner are as diverse and dynamic as the organizations and people he serves. With deep expertise in healthcare, environmental and biological sciences, nonprofits and membership associations, and certification programs for various professions, David helps organizations improve performance, careers, and lives. Below is a sample of signature projects and recent results.
The National Council of State Boards of Nursing

Advisor and coach to the CEO and senior management team, oversight of several re-organizations, and facilitation of staff retreats.

The American Forest Foundation

Advisor to the President and Board, and key external management consultant during the selection of a new partner to assume responsibility for a significant education program sponsored by the Foundation.

Catholic Charities of Washington, DC

Strategic planning, Board retreat, and leadership counsel during the creation of a comprehensive succession planning process for senior leadership for this multi-jurisdiction charitable organization with nearly 1,000 employees and thousands of volunteers.

The American Chemical Society

Executive advisement, planning, and strategic services during the restructuring of the entire Membership and Society Services Division at the world’s largest scientific society — with more than 158,000 members across 140+ countries.


The Secret to  Merger Magic

Wondering when, how, and why to engage an advisor with a merger or alliance process? Here, we share our actionable advice and key insights learned through David Kushner’s significant and lengthy involvement in the creation of a very successful alliance between two associations in the regional telecommunications industry.
Team working in office

Areas of Practice

For organizations on the cusp of something big or in the midst of something messy, it can be hard to know where to start. David Kushner’s clients typically begin their institutional turnarounds or organizational evolutions by first engaging with David in one or more of the following key areas of collaborative work.

Executive Coaching & Advisory Services

Benefit from experienced and candid perspectives about how to lead more effectively, manage internal politics, improve personal performance, grow your managers, collaborate with your governance bodies, resolve conflict, and generate sustainable, profitable growth.

Organizational Assessment & Restructuring

Own success at every turn. Approach cultural assessments, restructuring, and even mergers with a trusted partner who provides personalized, confidential, experience-based advice and counsel. Tackle turnarounds or major change in a way that achieves your goals, saves time and money, and reduces overall stress factors that accompany change.

Strategic Deliberation & Exploration

Chart pathways forward (for the next 12-18 months and beyond), exploring new programs, building or enhancing strategic partner relationships, launching new business units, or undertaking other critical activities. More than “strategic planning,” strategic deliberation takes CEOs, Boards, and leadership teams into the conversations that can ignite opportunity and results.

Mediation & Conflict Resolution

Resolve problems with other organizations, improve relationships with a chapter or region, or end disputes between internal departments or divisions, and among staff, Board members, and committee members. Count on David for his calm demeanor and his superb question-asking ability, drawing out key issues and areas of potential consensus.


Why David Kushner?

One of the only true “organizational risk assessors,” deal makers, and leadership experts available for on-demand, high-stakes consultation and coaching, David helps create clarity and smooth operations at companies and organizations that have grown too fast, gotten messy, or bitten off more than they can chew.  


Who Chooses David Kushner?

From the largest and most complex membership organizations in the world — to industry-leading corporations and universities — to scientific, technical, and professional societies — to certification and credentialing programs — David is called upon by top leaders at organizations built to serve, innovate, and enable progress for the masses.

What Has David Kushner Accomplished?

David’s clients know that when an initiative is complex, large, high-stakes, or unprecedented, David will deliver. When legacy organizations with names like “National (or International) Association of …” or “Global Society of …” or “The Foundation for …” come up against massive challenges or opportunities, they call David because his record of achievements for their peers and competitors precedes him.

What People Say

Eileen Johnson headshot

"I have had the pleasure of working with David on several projects where we had clients in common. We have worked on association mergers and consolidations. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend David (and I do) for any nonprofit organization that needs a governance consultant to assist them in updating their governance structure, deal with a transition in management, or facilitate a board retreat or strategic planning process. David has been on staff at associations and he has served on nonprofit boards, so he gets it. He is also extremely patient and able to bring any board discussion back into focus to get the job done. I only wish we had more projects to work on together."

Eileen Johnson
Whiteford, Taylor & Preston LLP
Jeff Shields headshot

"David Kushner has tremendous depth of experience as a CEO, which I value (he has sat in our chair!) and he has provided tremendously good counsel to both the Board and myself outside of the specific engagement. A real pro! It's so important to find the right facilitator who will be a good partner with you and is the right fit for the Board so they are engaged, trust the process and have the opportunity to add value."

Jeff Shields, FASAE, CAE
President and CEO
National Business Officers Association
Kate Fryer

"I strongly recommend David Kushner because of his extensive experience working with nonprofit boards as well as mergers/acquisitions within the nonprofit sphere. I have worked with him directly on a number of different projects, and think very highly of him (as do our volunteer leaders)."

Kate Fryer
Executive Vice President
American Chemical Society
Shirley Bloomfield headshot

"While the challenges of unification seemed daunting in the midst of discussions about governance changes and culture shifts, once the unification was complete, the inclusion of new member companies went very smoothly and created new energy and excitement for our entire leadership team. The results on the public policy side made all of the hard work worthwhile. Having one voice on Capitol Hill and at federal agencies has allowed us to move more quickly and increased our effectiveness."

Shirley Bloomfield
NTCA - The Rural Broadband Association

Insights Worth Sharing

You don’t have to be a current client to benefit from David’s perspectives and proven advice. Check out one of his most popular blogs below or click “View Blog” to search for articles on hot topics of interest and impact to you and your organization.

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