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Being Thoughtful About Governance Changes

This valuable article from my colleague, attorney Eileen Johnson, entitled “Advice on Making Corporate Governance Changes,” outlines a number of critical issues regarding governance changes for organizations. In my experience, governing boards often fail to take the time to thoughtfully review their governance structure to determine if it is still appropriate or if change is called for.

With all the changes that associations and corporations face today, it’s important to assess whether such modifications are called for. Using a governance committee to undertake this work is an excellent way to engage board members and to benefit from their experience and insight. In my work assisting nonprofits with re-structuring or strategic planning, I regularly review all governance documents and suggest changes that should be considered. In the end, an organization’s strategy is only as powerful as the people implementing it, and its effectiveness is driven by the governance structures that underpin how those very people move the organization forward.