What People

"David Kushner and his associates were instrumental in our successful division reorganization. Before and after the reorganization, Mr. Kushner’s team worked with each of our managers to develop their individual strengths. They helped us clarify our strategic visions and identify staff development needs to reach our goals. Working with David and his team has been an eye-opening experience. Their coaching expertise and sensitivity to organizational politics were great assets. Today, two years after this important reorganization effort, we are one of the most productive and admired divisions within our organization. The transformation far exceeded my expectations!"
Senior Staff Director, International Healthcare Organization

"Thank you so much for providing an informative in-service on real-life challenges and solutions for governance. I very much enjoyed the case studies. You have given me many tools to use as I continue to develop and grow with NCURA and in my work place."
Sue Kelch, Past Chair, National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA), Region IV

"Mr. Kushner helped significantly to bring the group to consensus during a few slightly contentious moments and did an excellent job of assessing the group dynamics ... keeping us on schedule and making sure we addressed all the items on our ambitious agenda. This was a potentially tough group to please, yet Mr. Kushner did so. The retreat was incredibly productive and exceeded expectations."
Chair, Health Policy Committee, Society of General Internal Medicine

"One of the biggest takeaways from our coaching sessions is a better ability to see where colleagues and supervisors may be coming from and what their motivations may be for certain behaviors. Our discussions have helped me to be less defensive and to take things less personally. Everyone has a different work style and you very much helped me recognize that and brainstorm approaches to better deal with those different work and management styles. I greatly appreciated your objective perspective and the way we worked together to find solutions to problems rather than you directing what I should do or instructing me on the only approach that would work. I truly appreciate the collegial approach and I know I will use what I learned from our discussions well into the future, both professionally and personally."
Chief Financial Officer, International Scientific Society

"David’s coaching played a critical role in helping me transition from a technical specialist to someone who is capable of seeing the big picture and managing multiple functional areas. David helped me set goals and kept me on-track to meeting those goals. The leadership experience and political awareness he brought to the coaching process were very beneficial. What I appreciate most is the advice I received on navigating politically difficult situations. He did a good job in challenging me to think through my decisions. It was hard to be complacent working with David!"
Associate Director, International Certification Organization

"I wanted to thank you for facilitating such an excellent first strategic planning session for our association's peer programs. The Select Committee members have all expressed a positive experience and are excited about the outcomes. Personally, I believe the timing was perfect for the program to see not only how current activities align to the program and to the Association but also how we should be thinking about the future in terms of operations, capacity, and new horizons. Thank you for bringing your considerable expertise to assist us."
Senior Staff Director, Higher Education Research Group

"I have had the pleasure of working with David on several projects where we had clients in common. We have worked on association mergers and consolidations. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend David (and I do) for any nonprofit organization that needs a governance consultant to assist them in updating their governance structure, deal with a transition in management, or facilitate a board retreat or strategic planning process. David has been on staff at associations and he has served on nonprofit boards, so he gets it. He is also extremely patient and able to bring any board discussion back into focus to get the job done. I only wish we had more projects to work on together."
Eileen Johnson
Partner, Whiteford, Taylor & Preston LLP

"While the challenges of unification seemed daunting in the midst of discussions about governance changes and culture shifts, once the unification was complete, the inclusion of new member companies went very smoothly and created new energy and excitement for our entire leadership team. The results on the public policy side made all of the hard work worthwhile. Having one voice on Capitol Hill and at federal agencies has allowed us to move more quickly and increased our effectiveness."
Shirley Bloomfield
CEO, NTCA - The Rural Broadband Association

"David Kushner has tremendous depth of experience as a CEO, which I value (he has sat in our chair!) and he has provided tremendously good counsel to both the Board and myself outside of the specific engagement. A real pro! It's so important to find the right facilitator who will be a good partner with you and is the right fit for the Board so they are engaged, trust the process and have the opportunity to add value."
Jeff Shields, FASAE, CAE
President and CEO, National Business Officers Association

"I strongly recommend David Kushner because of his extensive experience working with nonprofit boards as well as mergers/acquisitions within the nonprofit sphere. I have worked with him directly on a number of different projects, and think very highly of him (as do our volunteer leaders)."
Kate Fryer
Chief Executive Officer, Endocrine Society