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Why Join A Cohort?

No one person has the answers! A VOE cohort enables you to refine your skillset and excel in today’s rapidly changing landscape.Join your voice with others in your field. Experience personal growth and find your passion.A collective voice empowers and drives change – don’t be a lone voice struggling to figure it out. Join now!

Join Us!


as VOE cohort leaders/facilitators

As trusted and experienced colleagues, we envisioned an online cohort program that would bring together a diversity of voices with a variety of experiences to share information, insights, and resources. As seasoned facilitators, we know that there is power in what everyone brings to the table.

We felt that in an environment of constant change what’s needed is an opportunity to discuss in a facilitated group what is important to you and your professional development.

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A project of David Kushner Consulting LLC

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David Kushner  (301) 944-4075

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Jill McCrory (301) 404-5323
  • Faith leaders
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  • Non-profit professionals
Paul Troxell (240) 357-4833

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